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Text Analysis International

VisualText® 2 Pro is Now FREE!

VisualText is the premier integrated development environment for building information extraction systems, natural language processing systems, and text analyzers. The Professional version is now FREE for personal, internal, academic, development, and non-commercial use. SIGN UP NOW!

***Free standalone Part-of-Speech Tagger now available!

*** KMWorld introduces VisualText

*** LinguistList Reviews VisualText

Get to know VisualText:

Overview: What is VisualText?

Quick Tour, VisualText in a nutshell.

In-depth Tour, to get to know this IDE more intimately.

VisualText Help Documentation is now online.

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 White Papers: IDEs for NLP,
   Multi-Pass Multi-Strategy NLP
Information extraction
         & TAIParse & POS Tagger
 Doc: VisualText Help File

What developers have to say about VisualText:

"My compliments to the chefs! "  ...more

Some text analyzers you can build with Visual Text:

  • Information Extraction
  • Shallow Extraction
  • Indexing
  • Categorization
  • Text Mining
  • Summarization
  • Automatic Coding
  • Natural Language Query
  • Text from Speech
  • Text to XML, SQL

New Download:

Part-of-Speech Tagger (contact us about 94% accuracy!)